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Boy & Bear

—Lordy May


Boy & Bear | Lordy May

If you haven’t listened to these guys yet, you’re missing out. Now’s your chance…


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Allman Brown

—Sons and Daughters Feat. Liz Lawrence


Allman Brown Ft. Liz Lawrence - “Song And Daughters”

Really good duet.

What a lovely song.

No updates for quite some time now (art related or otherwise). While work takes up the majority of my time, I’m enjoying it, and I feel the experience I’ve gained will prove especially useful in the future. I’ve also met some incredible individuals, so I feel all the more grateful. 

On the down side, balancing my schedule with personal projects has been especially challenging. I’m usually quite tired come 5, so finding the motivation to produce anything after that point is difficult. Have a few pieces in mind though, and have made a promise to start working this weekend. If all goes well work-wise, I’ll post some photos of the work in progress. 

In a nut shell- am really missing the old studio these days:imageNo photo credit unfortunately.